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How to last longer and stop Premature Ejaculation

The online eBook that will teach you how to last longer and how to stop premature ejaculation with the recommended exercises.

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Introduction Premature ejaculation is an extremely common condition, is estimated more than 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation in New York. Culture, biological factors, upbringing, anxiety, health status, interpersonal relationship and sexual circumstance are factors that influence the dysfunction. The most common behavior associated with PE seems to be anxiety during sexual activity. So, […]

Most young people suffering from premature ejaculation are only suffering from a lack of information and the completely wrong idea. Dr. Helen S. Kaplan, a well-known expert in her field, suggested that another definition for “Premature Ejaculation” should focus more on the WHO than the WHAT: “the fundamental characteristics of premature ejaculation say that men […]

The quickest way to combat premature ejaculation and erection problems is to approach them with a level head and take your time in finding a solution that works. For you as a woman, there are several things you can do to help if your partner is experiencing sexual problems (premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation). It is […]

According to new research conducted in New Delhi, it is official: ejaculating anything between zero and 60 seconds during sexual intercourse is considered premature ejaculation. Twenty experts in sexual health from the ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine), have also established a firm definition for premature ejaculation: “a sexual dysfunction that affects around 30% of […]

There is no concrete definition as to what premature ejaculation really is, as it can vary from man to man. Some authors that specialise on the topic suggest that it signifies a man who ejaculates before he wants to (Villa Vijande, 1997), whereas others note that it defines a man who cannot last more than […]

Are there any factors that can affect premature ejaculation? The answer is yes. Sometimes, premature ejaculation can be caused by a lack of sex, whilst other times, stress and nervousness are key factors. If a man engages in sex in public place or somewhere where they may be walked in on, for example, the chance […]

Social taboos have meant that premature ejaculation has long been an unresolvable problem. In fear of being shamed and embarrassed, many men are reluctant to talk about their experiences. Here, we are going to focus on the ten most commonly asked questions about premature ejaculation. By addressing them, we hope to draw sufferers closer to […]

Myths and legends concerning therapeutic or pharmalogical treatments for premature ejaculation have long been circulated on websites, forums, via magazines and by word of mouth. If you are looking for information about how to last longer and which exercises you can practice alone or with your couple in order to control the ejaculation, you can […]

Can masturbation actually be a cause of premature ejaculation? Studies have shown that masturbation can have a negative impact if abused, yet on the other hand, have a positive effect. Here we will look at some of the more specific details on male and female masturbation. Has it always been taboo? Masturbation is one of […]

In an article published in the magazine “Revista Mujer de La Tercera”, shocking stories are told by two doctors: a urologist by the name of Reynaldo Gómez and a psychologist, Fanny Muldman. In the article they discuss the problem of premature ejaculation, an issue that affects one out of every three men, and intend to […]