Last longer & stop Premature Ejaculation

The online eBook that will teach you how to last longer and how to stop premature ejaculation via proven methods.

“I started to be able to control premature ejaculation after just a month of reading the eBook. Now I last much longer, but you have to practice the exercises!” – Daniel P.L

How do I stop Premature Ejaculation?

This is the big question that many men ask and various websites try to solve using, at best, questionable treatments without success. The first thing to realise is that there is no magic cure. The most effective option in the majority of cases is to consult a professional sexologist, who can attend to your individual needs, reviewing both you and your partner’s medical history.

On the other hand, you also need to be informed and aware of certain exercises that can help you to last longer and prevent premature ejaculation.

Here is where the eBook “How to last longer and stop Premature Ejaculation” will help you. Inside the eBook you will find the recommended exercises needed to obtain better control over premature ejaculation. These exercises include effective techniques such as Kegel, Annon and Semans exercises, Masters & Johnson, relaxation techniques, stop-start methods, individual exercises, exercises for couples, the art of the anti-ejaculation point and many more.

What is the “How to last longer” eBook about?

This eBook intends to answer the question that many men will ask when wanting to last longer during sex:

What is the cause of premature ejaculation? What exercises or techniques should I practice in order to prevent it? What methods really work? How I can last longer in bed?

More than 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Most will suffer in silence, through embarassment or ignorance, and as a consequence have no will or desire to find a solution.

Educator and sex therapist, Claudia Rampazzo, highlights the fact that people suffering from this type of sexual dysfunction run the risk of falling into depression and, as time passes, feelings of anguish and self pity will begin to grow and take over.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital version of a book. In fact, it functions not only as a book that can be read directly on the computer but it can also be printed out for hard copy reference. One of the many advantages of our eBook is that once acquired, you will gain private access to the member’s section of the website where the book is stored, have direct access to all future editions of the book and any updates that become available.

How long is the eBook?

The eBook consists of a total of 15,500 words, distributed over 43 chapters, in which all the answers you need to know about premature ejaculation and the different ways to control it are covered.

17th Edition of the eBook: the contents are updated regularly to include new information and exercises.

Each and every one of the sections included in this eBook are certain to prove useful, from the ones that simply clear up the myths behind premature ejaculation to the others that describe the various exercises needed to control it, e.g, Kegel’s exercises.

What chapters can I expect to see in this eBook?

Here is a list of the 43 chapters included in the book:

  • 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. What is premature ejaculation?
    • 1.2. Causes of premature ejaculation
    • 1.3. What percentage of the population is affected?
  • 2. Clarifying the premature ejaculation myths. What works and what not
    • 2.1. Overcoming it via web sites or online treatments: FALSE
    • 2.2. Curative herbs
    • 2.3. Questionable therapies
      • 2.3.1. Oriental therapies (Yoga, Tao)
      • 2.3.2. Aromatherapy, essential oils, music
      • 2.3.3. Acupuncture
      • 2.3.4. Conclusion
    • 2.4. Anaesthetic creams
    • 2.5. Using Antidepressants
      • 2.5.1. Study of clinical trial in patients
      • Study of the magazine Bandolier
      • Study at Saint Lukes’s Hospital, Sydney
      • 2.5.2. Antidepressant contraindications
    • 2.6. Other drugs: Dapoxetine
    • 2.7. Medical surgery
  • 3. How to solve the problem?
    • 3.1. The first step: consulting a sexologist
    • 3.2. First approach to answering the problem: self-confidence
      • 3.2.1. Self-assurance
      • 3.2.2. Relaxation and recommended exercises
      • 3.2.3. Communicating with your partner
      • 3.2.4. Healthy habits
      • 3.2.5. Avoiding stress
    • 3.3. Helpful exercises to control premature ejaculation
      • 3.3.1. Kegel’s and Annon’s exercises: Pubococcygeus Muscles (PC muscles)
      • 3.3.2. Semans’s Exercises: techniques to help stop premature ejaculation
      • 3.3.3. Lobitz’s and Piccolo’s exercises
      • 3.3.4. Art of the anti-ejaculation point
  • 4. Premature ejaculation and sex
    • 4.1. Breathing rhythm
    • 4.2. Positions to delay ejaculation
      • 4.2.1. Position A
      • 4.2.2. Position B
      • 4.2.4. Position C
    • 4.3. Aspects of sex that can determine a premature ejaculation
    • 4.4. Use of delay condoms
    • 4.5. Masturbation: how to masturbate correctly
    • 4.6. How to please a woman

What are the eBook’s objectives?

The eBook’s contents intend to educate you on the following points:

  • 1. To provide warnings on typical premature ejaculation myths.
  • 2. To explain different relaxation and anti-stress techniques.
  • 3. To highlight the correct ways of performing sexual intercourse and masturbation, so that you may develop control mechanisms that help you identify the feelings that precede orgasm.
  • 4. To instruct the reader on the different exercises and techniques available that can improve the ability to control ejaculation.
  • 5. To review and describe accesible drugs for premature ejaculation and their possible side effects. Please note, that these can only be administered through a medical prescription.
  • 6. To increase the reader’s self-confidence.

Comments & Readers’ Reviews

Over a thousand people have bought this eBook so far. Here are a few of their reviews!

Laura L.L.

I love my boyfriend, and I felt so sorry for him and how frustrated he was feeling in bed. It was really upsetting, more for him than me! There are some couple’s exercises in the eBook, especially the start-stop method, that have really helped to educate us on how to have sex for longer. I’m just as satisfied as before, but now he is much happier too and he feels so much more self-confident.

Daniel P.L.

I started to be able to control premature ejaculation after just a month of reading the eBook. Now I last much longer, but you have to practice the exercises and to be consistent.

V. R. L.

After just a few days I started to feel the difference, it was really fast, the exercises are really pleasant, actually! That feeling of relief you get after being able to properly control premature ejaculation is enormous.

F. G. M.

I recommend it to everyone with the same problem because the results are really positive. But it’s important that you follow the eBook’s advice and recommendations.

C. B.

During the past few weeks, I have been able to delay the point of ejaculation almost down to a tee, to a point where I’m in control. It really lets me relax and enjoy sex more, as well as be able to try new things. The best thing is, I think that my girlfriend is enjoying it more than I am!

J. L. M.

I decided to begin with the second treatment, the one that focuses on the development of the pubococcygeous muscles. Immediately, I began to feel different, I had much more control and by the end of the third week of treatment, I was lasting so much longer when having sex. I did not have a stopwatch with me to measure the exact time, but it was great!

G. E.

After reading the eBook I began to understand that the problem of premature ejaculation, at least for me, was a case of mind over matter […] The physical exercises helped me to develop better control over my body that I didn’t have before. Nowadays, I feel so much better mentally and physically.

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