Anaesthetic creams

June 7, 2012

There are some more questionable remedies available, the likes of which include anaesthetic creams. They can be bought as creams and even aerosols and, in effect, anaesthetize or reduce any feeling in the penis.

There are a few aspects to consider when using these methods: it is important to highlight the fact that anaesthetic creams decrease the feeling in the penis and, consequently, delay any activity.

It is increasingly likely that you will lose a certain amount of sensation during intercourse and as such, your experiences will become less than satisfactory. The way that the cream works ensures that ejaculation is halted, even when exposed to a certain amount of sexual stimulation. Creams are usually applied half an hour to forty five minutes before sexual intercourse takes place. In a way, the penis is seen to remain under a relative anaesthesia.

There are clear indications that these sorts of remedies are deceptive in the way they work. The fact that they are “easy solutions” add to the their relative success, but they will always remain limited in producing positive results. Creams and aerosols can not directly get to the root of the problem; generally, premature ejaculation is purely psychological. Although we constantly meet people who have turned to using these creams and other such products as a last resort, the truth is, that these sorts of products will never yield permanent results or remedy the problem.

VIC.8 Anaesthetic creams are nothing but an easy, unreliable solution.

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