Can you inherit Premature Ejaculation?

June 7, 2012

Traditionally, premature ejaculation has been a psychological problem. However, not discarding that aspect entirely, we can also affirm that the main cause of the dysfunction comes from a bioethical and genetic issue. In fact, parents suffering from the condition now have a higher chance of passing it on to their children.

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem amongst men, even more so than erectile dysfunction. For the longest time, medical professionals were convinced that the cause of the problem was purely psychological; however now, experts are considering more probable, inherited biological and genetic factors.

“There is definitely a genetic component linked with PE, Fathers with PE have a higher probability of passing the problem onto their children”, say urologists Tomás Olmedo and Cristián Palma, of the Hospital Clinico of Chile University.

For a long time, experts have dealt with the condition by using medicine that delays ejaculation alongside psychological treatments. However, in December 2002, the “Journal of Urology” in Holland published an article that demonstrated how PE is an inheritable, neurological aspect.

Further research has served to reaffirm this idea, although some conclusions can seem a little more unreliable than others. There has been unanimity among some experts in recognising that premature ejaculation is the result of a lack of the neurotransmistor Serotonin. When the brain is seen to have a sufficient amount of Serotonin, the nervous system appears more relaxed and slower to respond, but when there is a lack of it, it simply explodes.


Considering this as a basic idea, treatment that can help to deal with the condition aims to maintain levels of Serotonin in the body. The results that this treatment hopes to produce demonstrate that men can control ejaculation by producing a larger amount of Serotonin.

Urologists from Chile share the idea that “Premature ejaculation is a product of the hyper sensibility of a receptor called 5HT1A, with activation decreasing Serotonin in the neurotransmitters. Treatment therapy is based fundamentally on pharmacological medicines, including antidepressants. The chronic use of medicines increases the amount of Serotonin. In research undertaken with animals as subjects, the results were variable, but concluded that there was a 60% success rate when the treatment being administered to the right patient. Experts also added that in order to achieve some degree of success that the partner of the patient should also be involved in the treatment.

Advice, one-to-one chats, help group sessions, and psycho-therapeutic interventions also proved effective as treatment. However, the underlying problem with these approaches is that very few studies have been able to prove their overall effectiveness.

Do I have a problem?

Premature ejaculation first came to light as a problem towards the end of the 1970’s. Women began to develop more freedom and open mindedness in terms of sexual aspects, and as such started to develop a bigger need for male “performance”.

While there are no statistics available specifically in Chile, globally around 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, whilst 70% will also encounter it at some point in their life.

However, it is important to remember that not being able to last a long time during sex does not mean that premature ejaculation is a present. There is a specific guideline for premature ejaculation as a condition, which is a “duration of less than one minute in 50% of sexual intercourse encounters.”

Premature ejaculation can be present in men of any age, and often means that your partner will also not reach climax. There are two kinds of premature ejaculation to consider: Primary, which indicates that premature ejaculation has always been a constant problem in the man’s sexual life and has never been under the control, and Secondary, which tends to appear, unannounced, at a specific time in the patient’s life.

“Most are unhappy with their sex life and some partners can become insecure about their sexuality, inhibiting a sense of guilt. The worst thing that can happen is that all intimate relations come to an abrupt halt because of it, your relationship could be ruined”, say specialists from Chile.

The effects of the premature ejaculation can seem devastating to a couple; rocking the world like a proverbial earthquake.

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