Communication with your partner

June 7, 2012

Communication is a vital aspect that needs to be considered; to know oneself and your partner will ultimately benefit you both, as it eliminates any stress and the fear of failing during intercourse.

On the same level, humour also becomes a very powerful weapon. Being able to laugh about the subject and comment on it freely enables you to relax and enjoy the intimate time you have together with your partner.

Literally keeping your wits about you really helps to enrich sexual intercourse and furthermore will increase the control that men have over ejaculation.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s all a walk in the park. It can be easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed by a certain sense of defeat, especially when premature ejaculation continues to occur. The key is to fight against negative thoughts and attempt to maintain a positive attitude, as this provides self-confidence and develops trust within the relationship. Talk to your partner. Talk about everything. Confide your fears and concerns in them, as well as your aspirations and hopes in solving the problem. Look for ways in which your partner can also ultimately help you further.

In previous sections, we have already discussed the importance of relaxation during intercourse. Normally, the causes of premature ejaculation are psychological, and therefore assurance and self-confidence are incredibly important.

It may help to have an open conversation, stay sincere and relaxed, and certainly do not be embarassed to talk using rude or taboo language. Unrestrained conversation about the varied aspects of sexual intercourse, sexual fantasies and issues that you both have will aid the creation of a strong link that can develop self-confidence and a higher level of control over your body. Do not hesitate to talk with your partner about your fears and frustrations; over time you will discover that from a tiny seed a huge oak tree will grow. You are likely to discover that what you thought was a serious problem is actually not so important in your partner’s eyes.

VIC.16 Controling premature ejaculation can be developed to a larger extent by self-confidence.

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