How do we measure premature ejaculation?

June 7, 2012

According to new research conducted in New Delhi, it is official: ejaculating anything between zero and 60 seconds during sexual intercourse is considered premature ejaculation.

Twenty experts in sexual health from the ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine), have also established a firm definition for premature ejaculation: “a sexual dysfunction that affects around 30% of all men”.

Ira. D. Sharlip from Orlando, America, is a key figure in urology and established this definition after studying hundreds of men and research papers on the topic. The ISSM team have had research published in the Sexual Medicine Diary and have also presented during the American Urologist Association’s annual conference in Florida.

Dr. Sharlip expressed that “the definition of PE is this: a sexual dysfunction in which ejaculation happens anything up to a minute after penetration in the vagina almost every time. Previous definitions didn’t quantify any sort of time limit and, because of this, many men who were in fact just quick to reach orgasm believed they had PE. This in turn causes anxiety, stress and depression.

Dr. Sharlip hopes that from now in, many men who consider themselves to suffer from PE will realise that it is a treatable, medical condition. They should not suffer in silence and strive to find a treatment that can work for them.

He also assures us that this definition can help companies to better their drugs and to help sexologists develop better therapies. In September 2006, ISSM began to consider the ‘real’ definition behind PE, which led to the creation of the sexual expert, research group spoken about earlier. These researchers have established that the key factors of premature ejaculation are: ejaculating too soon, the inability to delay ejaculation and certain negative psychological effects.

“We have studied hundreds of research papers, especially ones that focussed on the key aspects of PE. The research team visited Amsterdam in October to ascertain the final definition.”

“Men who suffer from PE can be treated immediately with a combination of psychological exercises and medical therapies,” says Dr.Sharlip.

Dr. Vikram Sharma, a urologist at the Max Hospital, has expressed that if anything, the best thing to come from this research is the fact that men can now correctly diagnose themselves and assess if they actually have any problems. Studies in India have shown that 10% of men there suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction, with around 7% suffering from PE.

According to Dr. Sharma, PE affects more 19 to 26 year olds than any other age group. After the age of 30, PE becomes a problem in around 50% of cases of sexual dysfunction.

“Until now, if a patient ever came with PE problems or, for example, reaching orgasm in less than five minutes, the first thing we did was offer medical therapy. Now we know exactly what PE consists of, we can act a lot quicker,” says Dr. Sharma.

Most experts say that PE is the most humiliating condition for men and that many seek help too late.

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