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June 7, 2012

In an article published in the magazine “Revista Mujer de La Tercera”, shocking stories are told by two doctors: a urologist by the name of Reynaldo Gómez and a psychologist, Fanny Muldman. In the article they discuss the problem of premature ejaculation, an issue that affects one out of every three men, and intend to reveal the causes of the problem. The article states that.

In the past, it didn’t matter how long a man could last, nor about ejaculation control. Sex was contemplated solely as a step in human reproduction and not as a form of expressing affection, communicating and loving your partner.

In the 1960’s, the impacts of the contraceptive pill hitting the market and the incorporation of more women into the working world had a huge effect on sexuality. In the present day, sex is considered a relationship based on pleasure first, and reproduction second.

In the 1970’s, premature ejaculation began to be considered a sexual dysfunctions. The pressure now lies with men to pleasure their partners and instil a certain sexual satisfaction by lasting as long as possible.

Premature ejaculation is defined as a man who cannot control his ejaculatory reflex, that is to say, the point at which ejaculation happens. Consequently, this will leave their partners unsatisfied in 50% of all sexual encounters.

Sex has become common practice in today’s society; it has lost that sense of mystery that it used to hold in the past. Teenagers are exposed to sex without preparation; there is not only a lack of sex education, but there is no real affection or love behind the act. It’s no wonder that this fact is extremely distressing for men, especially those who constantly strive to be good enough and genuinely appreciate sex.

In some way or another, masturbation has turned into somewhat of a game amongst groups of teenagers; the one that can climax the fastest is often seen as the best. Sexual concepts are generally misunderstood amongst young people, and fast-spreading ideas can circulate that often are the complete opposite to what is expected. For example, the faster you can climax, the more sexual partners you can have.

Doctor Muldman adds: “In general, men tend to shy away from too much foreplay for fear of losing their erections. This only means in turn that the partner is unlikely to reach their own climax through penetration due to a lack of stimulation. In many cases, men are the ones to blame women for this situation. The problem is that most men tense up and feel a certain amount of fear over playing sexual games; they don’t want to get too excited and ejaculate too early, even before penetration. This makes the whole sexual experience seem quite robotic and unnatural. Often men fear ejaculation so much that they completely block their partner out and ignore any foreplay or touches.”

With this, women begin to resent their partners; they feel that the distinct lack of affection is completely down to them. There is a breakdown in communication, and all affection, sensuality and foreplay is lost.

Men become disappointed in themselves and feel that their masculinity has been compromised, that they are psychologically impotent.

A famous sexologist, William Reich, affirms in his book “The function of the Orgasm” that premature ejaculation is constantly highlighted as a personal aspect of dissatisfaction. In the most serious cases, ejaculation can occur with no control over it at all. Even the slightest amount of pressure on the penis, which can be completely flaccid, can result in climax. “This is the most humiliating thing that a man can experience in front of his partner”, says William Reich.

How can I last longer?

Premature ejaculation has a solution; by altering the man’s mental state, he can change the way he thinks and deals with the situations in turn, creating a stronger perception over himself. It has even been said that there may be some connection between enuresis, wetting yourself as a child, and premature ejaculation, as they both focus on a lack of mental control over body fluids. If you want to read more about this, check out the eBook “How to last longer“.

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