Less than 2 minutes of sex

May 7, 2012

Feelings such as stress or anxiety can seriously affect premature ejaculation.

Research shows that the average duration of a man with premature ejaculation is 1.8 minutes.

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Getting too excited is one of the many reasons behind premature ejaculation, the most common sexual problem amongst men. Research reveals that men with this problem can, on average, last around 1.8 minutes, whereas in men without the problem the number rises to 7.3 minutes.

The “Journal of Sexual Medicine” has published information on how men with premature ejaculation also suffer from more feelings of stress, tension, personal dissatisfaction and unhappiness with their partner, who will also suffer as a consequence of the disorder. The partner is likely to experience less than satisfactory sex because there is no apparent ‘time’ to enjoy it together, which puts further strain on the relationship.

In order to achieve these results, researchers studied the sex life of 1,587 men above the age of 18 in a four week experiment, with the aim of filling in all the gaps in current research.

Scientists from several universities in the US gave stopwatches to the partners of the men involved in the experiment, so that they may measure the minutes until ejaculation once sex had started.

They observed that 207 men out of the 1,587 could not last more than two minutes, whilst the rest were capable of anything up to seven minutes.

To add to the results, a further 64% of patients felt some sort of anguish or resentment over their condition, 31% were not sexually satisfied and 72% confessed to having no control whatsoever over their point of ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that is not only associated with duration during sex, but has life affecting consequences. Research showed that factors such as control capacity, stress and sexual dissatisfaction were primarily linked to premature ejaculation.

Two options

Premature ejaculation can also considered as ejaculation before penetration; that is to say, that it does not depend on any amount of time or minutes, but it can happen immediately.

Causes for this problem centre on a range of factors; anxiety, stress and over excitement usually emphasise this difficult situation.

According to the research, around 30% of men will suffer premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. It is vital that we are able to distinguish between occasional premature ejaculation and normal circumstances. It is essential to feel confident enough to visit your Doctor and talk to them about the situation.

However, studies have shown that only between 1% and 12% of men will actually visit a Doctor in order to discuss premature ejaculation.

There are two main solutions for combating the problem. Firstly, psychological therapy can help to teach the patient how gain more control over ejaculation. Secondly, pharmacological treatments can help to delay the neurological impulses that spur on ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can strike any man at any age. However, there two age groups that appear to have a higher rate of sufferers: teenagers who are most likely just discovering sex and men over 50.

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  • sunny:

    i was not able to do sex more than 2 mins whats the problem?

    December 12, 2012

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