Premature ejaculation treatments

June 7, 2012

Myths and legends concerning therapeutic or pharmalogical treatments for premature ejaculation have long been circulated on websites, forums, via magazines and by word of mouth.

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Myths about Premature Ejaculation

Let’s examine this one: ‘thinking about something different during sex helps to delay ejaculation”. As good as it sounds, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a variety of experts have expressed that doing this only serves to decrease the amount of control that a man has, lasting an even shorter time! This is not only extremely frustrating, but also erases any chance of being able to relax or concentrate.

Thinking about something different during sexual intercourse just doesn’t work. Surprisingly, a lot of the more “home-made” remedies that are the most effective are the silliest sounding. Methods such as ‘making more noise’ and ‘erotic moaning’ can actually help to control ejaculation.

Another myth says that masturbating one or two hours before having sexual intercourse can make a man last longer. Whilst this may be possible for some people, it does not necessarily work for people of a certain age or characteristic. Furthermore, bad masturbation practice, i.e. a non-stop rush to climax, can further impede the development of ejaculation control mechanisms. It is believed that sufferers of primary premature ejaculation (primary PE being that the condition has been suffered all the patient’s life and secondary PE where it has spontaneously appeared during a lifetime) have often had bad masturbation experiences as a teenager. Research has shown that patients who have badly masturbated as youths suffer from premature ejaculation, suffering from feelings of guilt and shame. When masturbating, pausing every so often and taking your time can help to postpone orgsasm.

Another myth that says the consumption of drugs, i.e. cocaine, and alcohol can help to last longer and are actually dangerous at best. In fact, there is nothing more dangerous than throwing another addictive substance into the mix! Psychological problems can develop as a result of dependence on other substances, and furthermore produce some undesirable side effects.

A second myth says that wearing two condoms, or delay condoms, during intercourse can help a man to last longer. Although this method may work occasionally, the truth is that it is no real solution to the problem and is unreliable.

There are other dubious treatments, which have no scientific background or relevant research to back them up. Most of them are deep seated within culture, tantric style treatments, Taoist sexual practices, etc. Unfortunately, due to a lack of real medical research, methods such as ‘personal alchemy’ and the ‘way of ecstasy’ can prove only to be interesting reading. Many people would be quick to call these practices lies, a waste of time, or an interesting history trip. But in fact, some of the relaxation techniques that make them up could be helpful. One of the key features of premature ejaculation is stress; consequently, relaxation exercises could prove beneficial. Some Taoist practices claim that immortality can be reached through their ways. Although questionable, the relaxation exercises are certainly beneficial.

There are a wide variety of treatments that function more as ‘temporary fix’ than a solution to the problem. Delay condoms and anaesthetic creams can provide temporary solutions to the problem. However, they could, in essence, condemn a patient to a psychological, lifelong problem. The loss of feeling in the penis may make a man last longer, but the whole sexual experience can become a pleasure-less pursuit.

So, what really does work? What are the best treatments available?

Surprisingly, a lot of the more sillier sounding, “home-made” remedies are actually the most effective, you will find all this methods on this eBook. Methods such as ‘making more noise’ and ‘erotic moaningcan actually help to control ejaculation. There is a tendency to hold one’s breath during sexual intercourse, and so making noise can actually help to promote better breathing. Loud noises and moaning act as a way to release all the stress that has accumulated and reinstates a steady breathing rhythm. It is for this reason that relaxation exercises, focusing more on breathing, can help to prevent premature ejaculation. The key is to breathe and moaning is a natural way to incur this action.

There is something to suggest that sport and exercise can help to control premature ejaculation. Although there are presently no medical studies available to prove this, a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic sports for one hour at least three times a week has been said to help the condition. These sports can include: aerobics, swimming, weight lifting, cycling, power walking and running. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is also essential, as well as following a sensible diet and avoiding stress.

Concerning masturbation, sexual therapists such as Semans recommend the ‘start-stop’ technique as an advisable exercise against premature ejaculation, as an advisable exercise against PE. The technique involves masturbating up to the point of just before climax, stopping for 30 seconds and then starting the process all over again. This is repeated between five to ten times before ejaculation actually happens. Bad masturbation techniques have taught men to masturbate as fast as possible to reach climax in the quickest time and can seriously affect performance. The ‘start-stop’ technique is just one of many others that can prove effective, there are many variations and can also be practised with your partner. The ‘anti-ejaculation point’ techniques suggested by Master & Johnson can be consulted in this eBook , and can aid premature ejaculation sufferers to control their ejaculation point.

We shouldn’t forget that premature ejaculation is a problem that affects a couple and not just the man. The man’s partner should support them with as much advice as possible, visit a sexologist alongside them and be willing to get involved in any treatments. The key is communication and an open mind because, after all, premature ejaculation can be a psychological problem linked to inferiority, insecurity and confidence. It is important to keep a record of sexual problems and emotional worries to help any medical staff to administer the best treatments.

Antidepressants such as Prozac, Serotonin drugs (ISRS), anaesthetic creams and PDE5 drugs such as Sertraline, Paroxetine, Fluoxetine, Clomipramine, Lidocaine and Prilocaine can also be effective. However, all these drugs should only be administered by a trained professional, with a prescription and by following the correct dosage. Under no circumstances should these drugs be self-administered. The severity of the patient’s premature ejaculation can determine if the help they receive is medical, psychological, sexually therapeutic or a combination of all three.

Generally speaking, the best ways to effectively combat premature ejaculation are: helping each other, correct masturbation techniques, precise breathing and relaxation, exercise and specific medication and to practice the exercises.

The best piece of advice a man can receive is to leave his shame at the door. Many men suffer from premature ejaculation, and visiting a sexologist or urologist can help to fill in the gaps receive the right treatment.

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