Teenagers and premature ejaculation

June 7, 2012

Most young people suffering from premature ejaculation are only suffering from a lack of information and the completely wrong idea.

Dr. Helen S. Kaplan, a well-known expert in her field, suggested that another definition for “Premature Ejaculation” should focus more on the WHO than the WHAT: “the fundamental characteristics of premature ejaculation say that men do not have adequate, regulated control over ejaculation. This results in spontaneous and involuntary climax”.

This definition is perhaps not the most accurate. After all, it talks about a level of ‘adequate’ control rather than ‘absolute’ control, which is a big difference to consider. During sex, when a man reaches that certain ‘point of no return’, it is not possible to regain a large amount of control, especially when ejaculation is imminent. The recovery time after orgasm in which another erection may be achieved is known as a ‘refractory period’ and differs between men of diverse ages. However, many younger men can achieve a second erection before the penis has even left the vagina the first time around. This is often where connotations of frantic sex amongst youths come to light. Statements such as “two or three times in a row” become associated with young people and sex.

Often, young people consider themselves to have premature ejaculation after one or two bad episodes. If a young man were to have sexual intercourse once every two or three weeks, it would be considered normal to ejaculate quicker due to a higher level of excitement. The good thing about being young though, is that you can get back in the saddle quick enough! For some people, a quick orgasm can be a sign of flattery and intense attraction; a more desirable attribute for some!

We must also remember that sexual intercourse is not the only way to pleasure each other. In fact, many women need more than just penetration to reach orgasm (you can read more on this in the promotional chapter “Premature Ejaculation Help” in the eBook!). As men get older, their Besides, we must remember that the penetration is not the only way of satisfying your couple, not even the most wanted for most women to achieve and orgasm (you can read further about that on the promotional chapter of the ebook “Premature Ejaculation Help!”. As people age, their libidos lull, and it may not become possible to ‘go again’ or keep an erection for a long time. From a medical point of view, the best remedy is talk about the ‘controlling ejaculation’ rather than ‘controlling premature ejaculation’, because it is often the best way of understanding the problem, especially amongst young people.

Have you ever experience premature ejaculation? How problematic was it for your partner? What happened? And how did you overcome it? How did you feel? Could you identify your ‘point of no return’? Is it possible to do it ‘twice in a row’?

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