Traditionally, premature ejaculation has been a psychological problem. However, not discarding that aspect entirely, we can also affirm that the main cause of the dysfunction comes from a bioethical and genetic issue. In fact, parents suffering from the condition now have a higher chance of passing it on to their children. Premature ejaculation is the […]

Sex toys such as dildos are actually around 28,000 years old and, according to experts, were used in incredibly erotic situations. Finely sculpted and polished, this example is a wonderful specimen dating from the glacial era. It has survived until present day and helps to shed some light on prehistoric sexuality. This ancient representation of […]

The latest studies undertaken on the drug dapoxetine demonstrate some unwelcome side effects. Introduction Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions amongst men; selected test subjects have been used in the collection of serotonin (ISRS) and come to indicate this. The drug Dapoxetine is an ISRS drug with a short to medium […]

There are some more questionable remedies available, the likes of which include anaesthetic creams. They can be bought as creams and even aerosols and, in effect, anaesthetize or reduce any feeling in the penis. There are a few aspects to consider when using these methods: it is important to highlight the fact that anaesthetic creams […]

Communication is a vital aspect that needs to be considered; to know oneself and your partner will ultimately benefit you both, as it eliminates any stress and the fear of failing during intercourse. On the same level, humour also becomes a very powerful weapon. Being able to laugh about the subject and comment on it […]

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation may be able to blame their genes, research suggests. A study of nearly 200 Dutch men found those who climaxed too soon during intercourse had an alternative version of a gene that controls the hormone Serotonin. Men having this version ejaculated twice as quickly as other men in the […]

Feelings such as stress or anxiety can seriously affect premature ejaculation. Research shows that the average duration of a man with premature ejaculation is 1.8 minutes. Do you want to discover how to last longer? Our online eBook can help you to last longer and prevent premature ejaculation with recommended methods. Getting too excited is […]

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